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News/Talk - WSRQ Radio broadcasts on 3 frequencies: 106.9 and 1220 AM.

Format Description

WSRQ Radio is The Voice Of Sarasota-Manatee.

WSRQ Radio delivers intelligent talk from the nations’ talk leaders, providing clear and well-thought-out positions on issues being discussed across the country.

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More Adults Listen To News Talk Radio 6am-7pm Than Any Other Radio Format!

WSRQ Radio is targeted to reach affluent Men 35+ with high earning power in their prime spending years.

- The News Talk Format is the No.1 format in weekday mornings across America.
- The News Talk Format dominates adults aged 35 + and is #1 with 55+ plus listeners.
- The News Talk Format has some of the most educated and affluent listeners.
- The News Talk Format has an equal balance of listeners at home & away.
- The News Talk Format is the 2nd most listened to format in the 25-64 demo.

According to Nielsen’s 2017 format ratings, news/talk grew its 6+ share and is the #1  format in AQHs (average quarter hour). In the affluent 25 to 54 it ranks #2 overall. 


Research has shown that News Talk Radio is 3.3 times more effective in general advertising results than music stations, making it a must buy for advertisers wanting to increase business.

Reach affluent consumers each week with WSRQ RadioOur 2017 Listenership report shows:

• We have approximately 22,000 listeners between 6 AM to 6 PM Monday to Friday.
• We have approximately 14,000 listeners during off-peak hours, Monday to Friday.
• We have approximately 15,500 listeners during the weekend.

Catch the Tampa Bay Lightning games all season long on WSRQ Radio.

WSRQ Radio talk format is a very effective way to reach new customers with a high disposable income.

Demographic Profile

WSRQ Radio targets listeners in their prime spending years.

COUPLE 55Age Profile: WSRQ Radio targets the affluent 35 to 64 demographic. Approximate age breakdown:

- Adults 18 to 34: 15%
- Adults 35 to 54: 35%
- Adults 55 to 64: 25%
- Adults 65+       : 25%

Gender Profile: Approximately 52% of WSRQ Radio's listeners are males, 48% are females. The majority of this consumer group falls significantly into the important 25-64 age group.

Marital Status: The majority of WSRQ Radio's  listeners are married or engaged.

Occupation Profile: WSRQ Radio targets individuals who are employed full-time in a variety of occupations including as owner, manager, professional, clerical, trade, skilled sales, and technical.

High Disposable Income: WSRQ Radio listeners have a combined family income of $175K. 

COUPLE 54Education Profile: The News/Talk Format attracts listeners that are some of the most educated of all listeners to radio.

- 56% Completed College or more.
- 18% Have completed some college.
- 22% Completed high school.
- 74% of WSRQ Radio's listeners have attended college.

Activities: WSRQ Radio attracts listeners who actively participating in exercise and fitness, biking, golfing, gardening, and hiking. WSRQ Radio listeners enjoy going out to music concerts, sporting events, bars, and restaurants.

WSRQ Radio listeners are a demographically appealing group that includes high-income earners and is a very effective way to reach new customers.

Market Your business to thousands of potential customers each week with WSRQ Radio.

Consumer Spending And Investment Profile

WSRQ Radio's News/Talk/Sports Radio format attracts consumers that spend heavily in the following categories in the past year.

Many of WSRQ Radio's listeners:

couple 18- Purchased books in the past year.
- Purchased garden supplies in the past year.
- Purchased flowers as a gift in the past year.
- Purchased men's clothing in the past year.
- Purchased men's shoes in the past year.
- Purchased women's clothing in the past year.
- Purchased fine jewelry in the past year.
- Purchased children's clothing in the past year.
- Purchased wine and beer in the past year. 
- Purchased goods online on the Internet in the past year.
- Purchased small appliances in the past year.
- Purchased a vehicle in the past two years.

Investments: WSRQ Radio targets listeners who have high incomes, are homeowners and invest in mutual funds, stocks/bonds, retirement programs, and investment real estate.

WSRQ Radio News/Talk is one of the most powerful performing formats for advertisers today!

computer 1WSRQ Radio listeners in the past year:

- Purchased a wide variety of electronic devices including computers, tablets, smartphones, MP3 players, and HDTVs.  
-  We're big consumers of furniture, mattresses, major appliances, and automobiles.
-  Purchase fine and costume jewelry, cosmetics, perfume, and skin care products.
-  Enjoyed going out to fine restaurants often every month. Over 80% went out in the past month.  

WSRQ Radio listeners are in their prime income and spending years.

WSRQ Radio Listeners Have Spending Power!

WSRQ Radio targets homeowners. A huge category with these consumers is home improvement and home decorating.

Home Spending: WSRQ Radio listeners spend heavily in these areas.

construction 22- Interior painting/wallpaper
- Landscaping or yard improvements
- Lumber
- Exterior painting/staining
- Deck/fencing
- Energy conservation projects
- Floor tiles or vinyl flooring
- Installed windows or doors
- Other home projects

Over 50% spent more than $5000-$10,000 on home improvements and renovation in the past two years.

WSRQ Radio News/Talk/Sports Radio targets listeners with large retail purchasing power.

WSRQ Radio 
Is Built For Advertisers

Talk is radio' s most-listened-to format, capturing a 16.9% share of radio listening among all listeners, age 12 and older.

Talk radio is foreground radio. Unlike music radio, talk radio commands attention. Talk radio listeners aren't just button-pushers who stop pushing buttons when they hear a song they like. They're LISTENING, closely.

radio 40

Talk radio is the best environment for an advertising message. Because Talk Radio is the spoken word, commercials don't interrupt programming the way they halt music Radio. In music Radio, the most common point of tune-out is when a commercial begins. Yet Talk listeners regard commercials as informative.

Talk radio is a resource. Because listeners use it for news, weather, sports scores, and business news, listeners find talk radio informative. They BELIEVE what they hear.

Talk radio listeners are more involved. Because they're paying attention, and bonding with on-air personalities, they're more likely to respond to advertising messages.

WSRQ Radio is unique among other radio formats. Due to the nature of this format, people listen to WSRQ Radio differently.

radio 41

WSRQ Radio is a high impact foreground listening medium. We cater to affluent, fast-paced professionals who love to hear the latest news, sports, weather events and stories. 

WSRQ Radio listeners are actively listening to get the information they want. Your commercial message cuts through and gets heard on WSRQ Radio.

WSRQ Radio is built for advertisers. We deliver an affluent audience that can't be reached by any other radio station making WSRQ Radio a great investment to help you get more customers.

The WSRQ Radio News Talk format is one of the strongest radio formats for advertisers today!

WSRQ Radio Is Everywhere

Tie your business or organization to our social media and easily increase your exposure.

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2017 Website Traffic Statistics:

- Visitors Yearly-1.1 million up 12% from 2016
- New Unique Visitors Monthly– 12,628 up 8% from 2016
- Web Traffic busiest time– 9a-11a/Slowest 2a
- Visitor type-80% Mobile/19% desktop/1% Other
WSRQ averages 75,000 Plus views a month on social media.
We also stream our programming live 24/7 @
Our Android & iPhone Apps combined have more than 1500 active listeners daily with more than 10,000 downloads.

Get more customers and increase profits with WSRQ Radio.

radio 29The WSRQ Radio Line-up Monday To Friday

WSRQ Radio features some of the most highly rated talk programming in America.

- The Laura Ingraham Show M/F 9 AM - !2 Noon
- The Thom Hartmann Show M/F 12p - 2p
- The Clark Howard Show M/F 3 PM - 4 PM
- Health Check with Heidi Godman M/F 4 PM - 5 PM
- Trending Today/ Best of Tell Me Something Good/ Close Up M/F 5 PM - 7 PM
- Free Talk Live M/F 7 PM - 9 PM

The WSRQ Radio sales team can help you make the right marketing decisions to grow your business and reach thousands of potential new customers each week.


Get All The Tampa Bay Lightning Action Exclusively On WSRQ Radio

Get all the play by play action on WSRQ Radio. We’ll also give you the latest Tampa Bay Lightning news, scores, schedule, stats, roster, standings, players, rumors, injuries, and play by play action all season long on WSRQ Radio.

sarasota tampabayThe Lightning, led by superstar captain Steven Stamkos is one of the most exciting teams in the NHL. In 2015, the Lightning made it all the way to the Stanley Cup Final before losing to the Chicago Blackhawks four games to two.

Lightning games are sold out time and time again.

In the past 25 years, the Lightning has qualified for the playoffs eight times, gone to the Eastern Conference Final four times, made it to the Stanley Cup Final twice and hoisted the Stanley Cup once after defeating the Calgary Flames in seven games in 2004.

The Lightning season runs from October to April with playoffs extending into June.

Get all the Tampa Bay Lightning action exclusively on WSRQ Radio.

Laura Ingraham Weekdays 9am-12pm ON WSRQ


The most listened-to woman in political talk radio in the United States.

"The Laura Ingraham Show" is heard on hundreds of stations nationwide and has been addicting legions of listeners since its launch in 2001.

Always smart and entertaining, Laura is a regular Fox News contributor and host on FOX NEWs.

Thom Hartmann Weekdays 12pm-3pm On WSRQ


A progressive national and internationally syndicated talk show host whose shows are available in over a half-billion homes worldwide.

He's the New York Times bestselling, 4-times Project Censored Award-winning author of 24 books in print in 17 languages on five continents.

Named as the 8th most important talk show host in America in 2011, 2012, and 2013 by Talkers Magazine, and for three of the past five years the #1 most important progressive host, in their “Heavy Hundred” ranking. Trending Today: M-W 6pm-7pm.

thedetailThe Detail Friday At 2 PM On WSRQ

If you live in Sarasota, FL, this program is about your backyard.

It provides The Detail you need about what is working and what isn’t in local government.   

The Detail provides the information you may not find anywhere else.

clark howardClark Howard Weekdays 3pm-4pm On WSRQ

Throughout the past years, millions of American lives have been impacted in big and small ways by our ongoing economic turmoil.

Being smart with our hard earned dollars is now front and center in the ongoing dialogue.

Thousands of listeners appreciate and heed the advice of this fiscally conservative and utterly charming national radio personality Clark Howard. 


Health Check With Heidi Godman Weekdays At 4 PM On WSRQ

sarasota heidi

Health Check with Heidi Godman focuses on all aspects of health and wellness. Host Heidi Godman, a veteran medical journalist familiar to Suncoast residents, talks to doctors and other health experts daily in addition to fielding questions from callers.

Heidi Godman spent 22 years at WWSB-TV in Sarasota, where she was the main anchor and medical editor. She left in 2010 and is now the executive editor of the Harvard Health Letter, a monthly medical periodical from Harvard Medical School. Heidi was named a journalism fellow of the American Academy of Neurology, and she has been honored by the Associated Press, the American Heart Association, the Wellness Community, and other organizations for outstanding medical reporting.

The best way to ask your medical question is to call or text Heidi during the live program Monday through Friday between 4-5pm EST at 941-373-1220.

sarasota Heidi 2The Heidi Selexa Show Weeknights 6 PM To 7 PM On WSRQ

The Heidi Selexa Show is the long-awaited talk show about the world according to Heidi -- as only Heidi sees it.

It's Heidi's take on current events, pop culture, and relationships with a lot of fun thrown in. Don't let her giggle fool you, though. It's a show that also goes deep and inspires people to really think. It's playful and upbeat, but always honest.

Heidi's authenticity is refreshing. Her presence is a welcome break from the challenging world around us.

freetalkliveFree Talk Live Weeknights From 7 PM To 9 PM On WSRQ

Like most of America, the hosts of this nightly two-hour show are fed up with the ideological warfare being waged by the two sides of our political spectrum.

They are neither democrat nor republican mouthpieces: they are a voice of reason.

It is no wonder that their compelling and well-researched viewpoints are fast becoming one of the hottest new destinations on talk radio around the country.


HITLAND Weeknights 9 PM To Midnight On WSRQ

sarasota hitlandIf you love the great songs from the early decades of rock and roll, you probably noticed they’ve disappeared from the radio. 

If you wondered where they went … well, we found ‘em!   All those fun-time feel-good songs from the 50s and 60s that music radio abandoned. They’re alive and well and living in HITLAND, right here on WSRQ … 106.9 FM and 1220 AM weeknights from 9 pm to midnight.  (And if the Rays or Lightning are playing on the radio, HITLAND is still streaming at or on the WSRQ Radio app.)  

From Elvis to the Beatles, Motown and more, join us at the end of the day for three hours of back-to-back memories from the 50s and 60s in HITLAND!  Weeknights starting at 9.

leehabibOur American Stories Weeknights 12am-2am On WSRQ

Join Lee Habeeb — Host of Our American Stories.

No politics, no opinions, just stories. Lee tells a story and the audience tells their stories—LIVE, with raw emotional power.

Daily bringing the campfire scene to your ears. We hope you’ll join the campfire with Our American Stories.

katedelanyAmerica Tonight with Kate Delaney Weekdays 2am-4am On WSRQ

Kate Delaney is a national broadcast personality with chops.

America Tonight is topical, fun, interesting and covers everything from breaking news to contemporary talk and then some.

It'll make you think and laugh out loud at the same time. On any night you'll hear a guest that could be a top newsmaker to an author with a best selling book. 

talkradiocountdownTalk Radio Countdown: Weekdays 4am-6am On WSRQ

Talk Radio Countdown talks about a variety of things being discussed on Talk Radio shows across the country.

Talk is hot! Talk is also widely diverse. Getting a handle on what’s on the minds of other listeners around the country is a tough job. The results have proven fascinating.

The TalkRadio Count Down Show, with host, Doug Stephan, surveys a wide variety of people “in and outside the industry” to determine what’s uppermost in the minds of listeners. 

Animal Radio, Saturdays at 6 AM On WSRQ

animalradioAnimal Radio® is America’s “most-listened-to” pet show. Over a 350,000 pet-lovers tune-in weekly on 101 AM-FM radio stations and XM Satellite Radio.

The two-hour celebration of our pets is hosted by veteran air-talent Hal Abrams and Judy Francis.

The Animal Radio® Family includes Dog Trainer Vladae Roytapel, Veterinarian Dr. Debbie, News Director Stacey Cohen, Groomer Joey Villani, Animal Communicator Joy Turner, Travel Reporter Susan Sims and a cast of hundreds. Frequent guest-hosts include the likes of Jenna Fischer (The Office), Glenn Close (Damages) and Cesar Millan.

Through education and awareness, together we’re helping animals live healthy, happier lives.

Community Matters Saturday At 11 AM On WSRQ

sarasota community

Community Matters Radio Program is Sarasota’s premier resource for the community association residents and volunteers. 

We offer expert advice on matters that affect condominiums, homeowners associations, and co-ops in our community.

We will always strive to get you the answers you need to govern and maintain your communities. 

We ask proven professionals in our area to provide you with the most current and cost-effective ways to solve the issues your communities face and will update you on changes in the law that affect your communities.

themezThe Mezz Saturday at1PM On WSRQ

To find out what’s happening with the Sarasota arts scene, the first place you should go is The Mezz.

Brian Hersh interviews the foremost artists and performers in Sarasota. Not only is Brian talking to performing and fine artists, but the show is shining a spotlight on performances and exhibitions that may get lost among Sarasota’s bustling and vibrant art scene.

The Mezz is your connection to the Sarasota arts.

Real Estate Unplugged Saturdays at 2 PM On WSRQ


Host Kay Winefordner welcome guests every show to give you an exclusive and unplugged look at the Real Estate market.

A self-starter, Kay Winefordner, before beginning her real estate career in 1997 in Sarasota, Florida, owned a myriad of companies.

Drawing from her many business traits acquired, she quickly became one of Sarasota's Top Producing Real Estate Agents.

Join Kay with Real Estate Unplugged on WSRQ.


The Extra Point with Andre Spivey Saturdays at 3:00 PM on WSRQ

sarasota extrapoint

In 2013, Andre moved to the Tampa Bay Area, after 10 years in the U.S. Air Force, being stationed in Portugal, Kansas and visiting great places.

Growing up in Indianapolis, later moving to San Diego. In 2016, he started Sarasota's first ABA semi-pro basketball team "The Sarasota Manatees".

He has partnered with others to create multiple start-ups ventures throughout the Florida area.

With a varied background in tech, education, and sports, he looks forward to bringing an interesting take on the sports community.


The Danielle Lin Show Saturday 5 PM to 7 PM On WSRQ

Danielle Lin, C.N., is a pathfinder—someone with the common sense, experience, inspiration, and wisdom to bring you life-changing information from the brightest minds in the world. 


People in 117 countries tune in to listen to The Danielle Lin Show.

Danielle has worked closely with change makers and innovators for over thirty years. She’s a wise friend to them and to her listeners—connecting everyone to the best of what’s available and keeping tabs on what’s on the way so that her listeners hear about it first.

She’s a respected authority in the best sense of the word and has been at the forefront of many of the movements that have improved the lives of millions of people. Danielle can be counted on to be there in the middle of it all to find the better ways, the sustainable ways, the joyful ways of making a difference and living well. Welcome to the place where the conversation changes you.

Coffee & Donuts Saturdays at 10 PM on WSRQ

sarasota coffee

Coffee & Donuts is not about coffee, not about donuts and it’s definitely not a morning show.

Wake up to culture and indulge in life. A perspective rooted in Hip-Hop music and culture hosts Ryan Ryanito Larranaga & Marcel Cellus Bauduin bring an appreciation of all things music, art, food & culture.

Showcased through the many people and personalities in the community with a local, national and global perspective, represented through the community of guests that are featured on Coffee & Donuts.

Clark Howard Sunday At 7 AM To 10 AM On WSRQ

clark howard

Clark Howard, Consumer Advocate, and host of the nationally syndicated The Clark Howard Show on Radio/TV.

Clark Howard is a nationally syndicated consumer advocate who advises consumers how to save more, spend less and avoid getting ripped off. His radio show is heard every day on more than 200 radio stations throughout North America. His HLN show runs every Saturday and Sunday at 6 AM, noon and 4 PM ET, and he is a frequent guest on many another talk, variety, and news programs.

“Save more and spend less” is more than just a motto for Clark; it’s a way of life. As a successful lifelong entrepreneur, media star and best-selling author, the Atlanta-based “consumer champion” is dedicated to helping Americans of all means get ahead in life.

Tell Me Something Good Sundays at 11 AM On WSRQ

sarasota tellme“Tell Me Something Good” focuses on the good that is happening in our community. We highlight those individuals, nonprofits, and businesses that give tirelessly of their time, talent and treasure.

Your local Goodwill is working with all of them to keep the good-will going in our community through programs and services to change lives through the power of work.

Our host, Veronica Brandon Miller serves as the vice president for the Foundation – the philanthropic arm of Goodwill Manasota a 501 (c)(3) organization. With more than 20 years extensive experience in development and cause marketing, Veronica has successfully helped increase revenues up to 1,000% and secured national and international media coverage.

Meet the Press With Chuck Todd Sundays At 12 Noon On WSRQ

For over 60 years, Meet the Press has featured headline-making interviews with world leaders and U.S. newsmakers every Sunday morning on NBC. 


Chuck Todd moderates this venerable institution which can now be heard every Sunday at noon on WSRQ.

Every Sunday morning for 63 years, millions of Americans tune in to get answers from U.S. and world leaders, and hear analysis, discussion and review of the week’s political events from noted journalists and experts.

We are proud to be the highest rated, most watched and most quoted Sunday morning public affairs program. An average of 4 million viewers join us each week to share in a national dialogue about the important issues of our time.

If it’s Sunday, it’s Meet the Press.


athomewithAt Home with Gary Sullivan Sunday At 2 PM On WSRQ

DIY has never been bigger, and Gary Sullivan is radio’s DIY man.

With over thirty years of home improvement know how, and over a decade of broadcast experience, Gary will help you build it up, tear it down, fix it, or replace it.

Warm, friendly, and funny, Gary breaks down big tasks into small steps, and educates as he entertains.

Join Gary every Sunday at 2 PM on WSRQ.


MoneyTalk with Bob Brinker Sunday 4 PM To 7 PM On WSRQ

Bob Brinker has more than twenty-five years of investment management experience.


He is the host of the weekend financial talk program MoneyTalk. The program is nationally broadcast live from 4 PM to 7 PM Eastern time on Sundays. Bob answers investment questions from around the country and discusses current issues on the radio program.

In addition to hosting Moneytalk, Bob Brinker publishes Marketimer, his monthly investment newsletter. Marketimer covers stock market timing, federal reserve policy, specific mutual fund recommendations, and model portfolios for various objectives. Model Portfolio I is designed for investors with aggressive growth investment objectives. Model Portfolio II is designed for investors with long-term growth objectives. Model Portfolio III is designed as a balanced portfolio for current investment income along with capital preservation and modest growth.


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